We bought a ship and set sail to defend human rights. We rescued hundreds of people.

Now we are the ones who need your help: to get back at sea and do it again.

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Mediterranea was created in 2018 by individuals, organizations and associations who chose not to accept the deaths and rights violations committed every day in the Mediterranean Sea. While European governments hindered and criminalized rescue and solidarity, we united to put a ship at sea, witness what happens in the central Mediterranean, denounce rights violations and defend our humanity.
We did this while always respecting the norms of international law. Including those that require, where necessary, rescuing lives.

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Mediterranea Saving Humans is an Association of Social Promotion and donations to Mediterranea are tax-deductible: upon request, every year we will send you a summary of donations made in the previous year, in time for your tax return.

For any questions about your donations contact us at tesoreria@mediterranearescue.org

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